Wednesday, April 27, 2011

/ / atlanta botanical gardens

i have lived in atlanta my whole life and just now visited the botanical gardens for the first time. the weather was perfect and the gardens were beautiful. my sister julie, her boyfriends' mom [mrs.bachtler], and lamar joined me and i couldn't have asked for a more perfect afternoon. aren't the flowers pretty? something mrs.bachtler said that has really stayed on my mind: 
"how can anyone not believe in God when there is something so beautiful as this?"
i pray that more people notice the everyday beauty around them and realize it is all from Him. How much He must love us to create such beautiful things. 
He loves us. Oh, how He loves us.

Monday, April 25, 2011

scenes from easter

1. sweet little emma.
2. julie and sue hunting for eggs! [in our family, everyone participates in the easter egg hunt] oh, and notice julie using a jack o'lantern as her basket. nice.
3. pretty pretty flowers.
4. jack o'lanterns, wine carriers...we get pretty creative when we run out of baskets.
5. sue's annual bunny cake! yum.
6. ricky and jessie.

easter weekend was wonderful. our tradition is to go to our close friends' house for lunch, egg hunting, and egg-dropping contests. it is always so much fun and i never want to leave! what about you?  
what are your easter traditions? i would love to hear!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

let your love be known

I thought I would share with you a little post I made for my Reach Europe: Romania team at our blog found here.

Wow, only 32 days until I leave for Europe!

Today, while teaching, it dawned on me that one month from today I will walk across the stage and receive my college diploma. Yikes. I mean, what am I supposed to do with my life? It's not like they are just handing out teaching jobs. Where does God want me to be?
Of coarse, my ever so faithful God responded to my prayers. Almost instantly. I was just killing time before one of my lessons and decided to read to my students a book called The Oak Inside the Acorn by Max Lucado. If you have never read this it. now. I had never read the book before and was not even aware that it was a Christian children's book. Well, let's just say, it took everything inside of me not to drop to my knees and give praise to my Lord right there in front of my kids. 

"Little Acorn sees himself as very small and he's unsure of what he's supposed to do in life. Eventually, he grows into Big Oak, but he still wonders about his purpose. Though he tries as hard as he can, he can't grow oranges like his friends the orange trees, or produce beautiful flowers like his friends Pink Petunia or Rosie. But finally, he discovers that his mighty branches were created for a very special purpose! He heard his mother's voice say,"Just be the tree God made you to be."

Throughout the whole book I couldn't help but relate it to my own life. For as long as I can remember I have compared myself to other people--family, friends, peers. And nearing graduation, I'm not sure if I'm ready to grow up! 
One thing I do know is that God spoke to me today. Yep, he spoke to me through a children's book in the middle of a lesson in front of 20 curious children. He calmed my nervous heart and reassured me of my purpose--to bring glory to Him. No matter where I am--whether it is Statesboro, Atlanta, or Romania--God granted me this life for a purpose:  to glorifying His name, continue to seek His heart, and spread the gospel to His people. 


I have never been on a mission trip before and I have no idea what to expect. Lord, I just pray that you prepare my heart. Prepare us all for what You have in store for us. Open up our hearts, give us visions of the things You want us to do and share with the women and children, place specific scriptures on our hearts for us to share with them.  We do this for You. Only You God and for Your Glory. We love You. We praise You.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

scenes from daytona

oh, my vacation to florida was so relaxing and perfect. all i did was lay out, take walks on the beach with my mom, and eat food. 
tough life right? ;)
while we were in florida, we celebrated my sister's 25th birthday at our favorite restaurant aunt catfish's. if you ever make it down to daytona, you have to go there and try their boatsinker pie. oh, heaven.
although i was having a great time, i was ready to get home, prepare for my last month of college, and see what you guys have been up to. i have missed y'all!

where have you gone for vacation lately? i would love to hear!